We have been building websites and marketing funnels for the past 5 years and realized that there was a gap between what a business needed and what a business received when they received a new website.

Technology and marketing tactics have been moving extremely fast over the last 3 years and the top 5% of any industry have evolved their websites into lean, mean sales machines.

The problem for most small to medium businesses is their websites have not evolved and they still have a website that resembles a brochure.

Our Methodology was created to jam pack as many marketing strategies and marketing principles into a website for small to medium businesses. A landing page, a marketing funnel, and a Facebook retargeting campaign into every website we build.

We believe that small to medium businesses deserve to have the best website to compete with large businesses.

Technology has leveled the playing field. Not it’s time for your business to take advantage of it.

This is our way of championing Small To Medium businesses.

Forhad Hossen

Founder & Head of Growth at iFC Technologies

We use a revolutionary framework to build websites that attract, capture, nurture and convert cold prospects into high quality clients.


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