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EVERY PAGE on your website should call out your PERFECT PROSPECT, highlight their #1 PAIN POINT and PROMISE a solution. Do this and the leads will flow from your website



Every page on your website must call out your perfect prospect. This is your ideal client who you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can get a rock-solid result for, who is most profitable to your business and who are looking for your service. Stop talking about yourself and start talking to your Perfect Prospect to get more leads and sales.



Once you call out your Perfect Prospect, you need to describe their #1 Pain Point. Imagine going to a website where it feels like they are speaking directly to you and have defined your problem better than you could. What would you do? You would investigate further to find out what their solution is.



Finally, once you’ve called out your Perfect Prospect and described their #1 Pain Point, you should move into describing your specific solution to their Pain Point.


The average website is a bit of a show-off, but nobody likes a show-off. It is all about me. Look at me. Look at how good I am. I am so wonderful. Look at MY products, MY services, MY awards, My team, Look at My brilliance. The problem is your average prospect doesn’t care about YOU, your business, or your services and products. There is only ONE thing they care about. “How can you HELP ME solve MY PROBLEM?” And that is what marketing is all about. Show your prospect how you can help them solve a specific pain point they have in their life, and they will become a client faster than a dog can shake its tail.


Not all visitors to your website are the same. Some are visiting your website for the first time and don't trust in your business. Some know who you are but are not ready to buy. Finally, some are ready to purchase and want to make a buying decision. You need a special OFFER for each of these types of website visitors. These offers are known as COLD, WARM or HOT Offers.



A new visitor to your website is unlikely to buy the first time they arrive because they are COLD. They need to build trust in your business or do some shopping around first. The problem is, if they leave without buying 97% of those people will never return. To stop this from happening, you should put a COLD OFFER on every page of your website where cold visitors will be visiting. A COLD OFFER is a free irresistible giveaway you show on your website for a visitor to exchange their contact details like Name, Email, and Phone number. Once you capture their details, you can control the relationship. You can contact the visitor via email, SMS, phone, or even Facebook retargeting to move them along your sales process. Compelling COLD OFFERS are eBooks, cheat sheets, videos, discount coupons, free trials, case studies.



A WARM OFFER is for WARM VISITORS. Warm visitors are people who know of your business because they may have liked your Facebook Page, visited your website before or watched a video. They know you, may even like you, but they are not ready to buy. This may be because they are still investigating, haven’t made their mind up, or the timing is not right. What they need is to be educated more about your product or service. You can offer these people a WARM OFFER. A WARM OFFER is used to convince a prospect that your product or service is the best one to choose. Great warm offers are case studies, long-form education videos, and webinar.



A HOT OFFER is for HOT TRAFFIC. Hot traffic is people who are ready to buy now. They are on your website, and they are ready to call you, book an appointment with a salesperson, or make a purchase online. Most businesses have many calls to action classed as HOT OFFERS. The problem is only 3 % of people who visit your website the first time are ready to buy now. So the trick is to balance your HOT OFFERS with COLD and WARM OFFERS.

EVERY PAGE on your website should have ONE or ALL of a COLD, WARM and HOT Offer

However, not every page on your website needs to have all three offers.

Some pages like your sales pages should have a HOT OFFER. You don’t want to distract a HOT PROSPECT with a COLD OFFER. You may lose the sale.

Other pages like your blog posts need to have all three offers because people landing on a blog post could be arriving there from Google (a cold prospect) or an email campaign you send with a link to the blog post (a warm prospect).

Sprinkle your pages with the right offers to increase your lead capture across your website. Do this and you will get more leads from your existing traffic with no extra advertising spend.


The Key To Winning More Clients Is Follow Up. Without a systematized Follow Up Process your business won't convert every prospect into a client.



Every prospect who signs up for a Lead Magnet or fills out your contact us form should be followed up with an automated series of emails. These emails should educate them on the value of your service and then have a clear call to action to the next step in your sales process. Because the emails are automated, you don’t have to worry about whether they are being sent. They will be scheduled and sent to every new lead whether they sign up today or in 12 months. This follow up process is what’s needed to turn as many website prospects into clients as possible.



With certain marketing automation systems, you can add SMS messages to the follow-up process. SMSs have very high open rates as people are trained to read every SMS message they receive.



Facebook Messenger is also a great way to stay in contact with prospects and nurture them until they are ready to buy. Facebook Messenger has very high open rates of up to 80%, so it is a great platform to use. The issue with Facebook Messenger is it is very complicated to set up for most businesses and get a consistent result. Because of this, we recommend Email and SMS as the must-have Elements and Facebook Messenger as an option.


Follow up is the key to making sales. So many businesses work so hard to get a lead and then fail at consistent follow-up. A Sales Driven Website puts the follow up on autopilot, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can rest assured that it is happening. To automate the follow-up process, we use marketing automation apps like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Infusionsoft. If you are using another brand, we can integrate it into a Sales Driven Website. The important thing isn’t which one you use, but that you actually do it. All Sales Driven Websites come with automated follow up sequences.


How To Turn Lost Website Visitors Into Leads? Your business has made an investment into getting visitors to your website. But 97% will leave and never return. Retargeting is how you get a return on your online marketing investment



Every time a visitor lands on your website sends a message to Facebook and Facebook records that person has visited your website. Over time Facebook builds a list of everyone who has visited your website. You can set up Facebook Ads campaigns to target people who have visited your specific pages on your website at specific time periods. This gives you the ability to build out Facebook Funnel, which shows different ads to people based on when they visited your website. You can also show ads to visitors based on the pages they have visited on your website. For example, you can show a strong sales message ad to everyone who has visited your pricing page in the last seven days. Facebook Ads are very effective at getting your visitors to take action to buy, book an appointment or download a lead magnet (ebook).



When your visitors land on news websites, blogs and websites with Google Adsense, you can show display ads to them. Retargeting on these types of websites are not as effective as Facebook Ads at getting your visitors to take action. The reason to run these ads is for branding. You can be EVERYWHERE your visitors go online. This is a must for businesses if you want to be the go to business in your industry to every person that visits your website.



Youtube Retargeting is powerful because you can show video ads before or during videos your visitors watch on YouTube. YouTube is quickly replacing TV as the leading entertainment platform for many people. Showing ads on YouTube is also an effective branding exercise for your business.



LinkedIn is the best place for B2B companies to reach businesses. The problem with LinkedIn is supply and demand. LinkedIn doesn’t have the quantity of traffic of Google, YouTube and Facebook. I suggest setting up retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn, but at this point, don’t expect a conversion rate similar to YouTube or Facebook.

Retargeting Has The Best Return on Investment

If your website doesn’t have retargeting campaigns setup for your website visitors, then you are squandering your advertising dollars.

You have paid a lot to get this traffic to your website, and you need to follow up and target them until they are ready to buy from you. The top 5% of your industry is doing this.

If you don’t have it set up, it is so important. I suggest you stop reading right now and get it setup 😉

It isn’t expensive, but it has one of the highest marketing ROIs out of all the marketing activities you can complete. It is so effective because you are showing ads to WARM and HOT prospects. People who are already interested in your products or services.


What Is A Marketing Funnel?

A Marketing Funnel is a series of steps you take a potential client through to take them from a cold prospect to a paying client.



Many marketing funnels are hidden from website visitors. They are only exposed to people who are specifically sent to the funnel pages from a traffic source like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or the Google Search engine. We believe that your best funnels should be front and center on your website, so everyone who visits your site has an opportunity to opt-in.



Instead of using multiple systems to build out your website and marketing funnels, a Sales Driven Website is built on WordPress. This means your users only need to learn WordPress to update your website and build out your marketing funnels. This will reduce the learning curve for staff and save time.


Marketing funnels are the lifeblood of your online marketing.

We have taken the best practices of online marketing methodology and integrated that into every Sales Driven Website.

Marketing funnels are the foundation of effective online marketing and are also the foundation of the Sales Driven Website Methodology.


Websites Should Be Built By Marketers NOT Designers 20% of the effectiveness of a website is the design. The other 80% is because of the marketing functionality included in the site.



Designers build the majority of websites. They are skilled in making a website look great and convey the branding of the business. If you want to generate leads and sales from your website, you need a lot more than just a great design. Design is 20% of what it takes to build a Sales Driven Website. The other 80% is made of marketing features. A high converting website requires:

  • Landing pages
  • Conversion Optimized Design
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Sales Driven Copy
  • Lead Magnets
  • High Converting Capture forms

Today, to build a top converting website, you need to include all these features. Marketers specialize in all these features. So the perfect team to build your website is a marketer who understands the Sales Driven Website Methodology and employs a designer to complete the 20% design part of the project.



When you do hire a designer, they have to have a superior skill set to the average Designer. A Sales Driven Website requires a specific layout and design. For example, every page should have a unique highlight colour used on all Call To Action buttons but no other part of the website. This is important, so you train a user that whenever they see this colour, they know it is time for them to take action. This is just one element required for a Sales Driven Website design. There are nine other elements a Designer must include in their design.

There is a Science Behind Sales Driven Website Design

Website design is not just about pretty. Many websites are beautiful but don’t bring in any new leads or clients.

Conversely, many websites are ugly but are lean, mean sales machines. They generate millions of dollars of new leads for their businesses every year.

We believe website design is a critical path to building a Sales Driven Website, but there is a methodology that must be followed. Unfortunately, most designers don’t understand this methodology, so they build pretty websites that don’t make money.


WordPress - The Best Platform To Build Your Website On.

WordPress is the most widely used, easiest to use and most extensible website platform on the planet



WordPress is the most powerful marketing platform on the planet, and it is only getting better. Google loves WordPress.

If you launch a new website, Google will index it within weeks so your business can be found. WordPress has been highly optimized for the last 15 years to rank well in Google. WordPress is easy to use, so the learning curve for you and your staff is minimal.

Because WordPress is so widely used, you will always find people who can help you at an affordable cost.

WordPress has all the features required to build a Sales Driven Website.


50,000+ PLUGINS

WordPress is an open-source platform which means developers are always extending it from around the world. These feature extensions are called WordPress Plugins and usually cost around $30 – $100. Over the last few years, marketers have been building plugins which add very powerful marketing functionality to the platform. These plugins are cheap but pack a lot of power. Because of this, the #1 platform to build your Sales Driven Website on is WordPress. WordPress currently has 50,000+ plugins built by the developer community. So it doesn’t matter what feature you are looking for there is a plugin for that.



There are competing platforms to WordPress like SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly and Shopify. The reason we build Sales Driven Websites on these platforms is because:

  • They have limited functionality, and all of them are missing functionality that limits a business from building a complete Sales Driven Website. WordPress has all the features required for a Sales Driven Website.
  • Their feature sets don’t grow as quickly as WordPress because they have a limited amount of staff and resources. Because WordPress is open source, there are thousands of developers building plugins for it, so the platform is advancing much quicker
  • Because they are private companies, you are locked into their platform. Therefore you can’t move your website from them without doing a lot of work or having to totally rebuild your website from scratch.
  • None of these platforms has the market share of WordPress.

Be Careful To Choose The Right Platform To Build Your Website

The platform you choose to build your website on is critical. If you choose the wrong platform, it will limit you from building out a complete Sales Driven Website. Once you invest in a platform, it is tough to move from that platform without spending more money or starting again.

WordPress is the ONLY platform we have found that allows you to build a Sales Driven Website perfectly. You also own the platform and can move it wherever you wish — something you can’t do easily with competitors to WordPress.


Most Websites Haven't Been Updated In Years.

To keep your website capturing leads and converting them to sales you need to keep your website up to date with the latest advances.



Websites need to be maintained to keep them in peak condition. Each month WordPress needs to be updated, the plugins need to be updated, the site needs to be backed up and scanned for security breaches, the performance needs to be monitored and improved if there are any issues.

Now, this sounds like a lot of work. But don’t worry we can maintain a Sales Driven Website for a small monthly fee.

So you can rest assured your website is in it’s best physical condition to perform for your business.



New content should be added to your website to ensure your website is ranking high in Google, and your sales processes are being improved.

We can help you add the new content to the website and make any changes for a small monthly fee.

Think of us as your hands and feet. We do the technical stuff, and you create the content. It is a partnership made in heaven.

Don't Sweat The Technical Sfuff

We are here to look after the technical stuff. Yes running a high converting website is very technical, but we will do it for you.

Your job is to run your business, and our job is to make sure your website is a highly tuned Lean Mean Sales Machine. We will look after everything for you.

Just know that when you have a Sales Driven Website, you have the best team working for you.

We use a revolutionary framework to build websites that attract, capture, nurture and convert cold prospects into high quality clients.


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